FAQs For Veterans

Frequently asked questions

What is Love Sensation?

It’s a new music festival babe. All the gays are going. All your mates are going. Grab a ticket quick.

Where and when is Love Sensation?

Town. August 17 & 18.

Royal Hospital Kilmainham.

It’s gonna be stun.

Where can I get tickets?

The internet.

What can I bring? Security/Safety

Ah here, you know well what you can and can’t bring!

Vibes yes, drugs no. Mates yes, booze no.

Bring ID. You look stunning and youthful so our security are going to have to double check. And the only bags you can bring are the ones under your eyes from the night before…(or anything smaller than a4).

Can I camp?

We encourage you to be as camp as you can babe but this is a daytime festival only so no pitching tents.


From gourmet food stalls to greasy spoon, vegan & veggie offerings to some solid hearty meat options ;)

We’ll have plenty of amazing food vendors at Love Sensation to keep you fuelled for dancing.

How to get there/Transport?

Are you still reading? Huh.

It’s in town like….buses babe. They’re like taxis, but bigger. Don’t forget to thank the driver when you get off, thats how we roll.

Or walk with purpose. Walking with purpose is a super fun way of being gorge while out and about.

There’s LUAS too. She’s cute.


Disability access will be available on site. Hit us up if any questions on this.

Age Policy?

Grow’d ups only. 18+

Stage Times?

Ah sure it’s miles off, we’ll have this closer the time. We’ll pop em on the website when we know! Lovesensation.ie and on the socials, all the usual places festivals spam you.

Can I Volunteer?

Ah now would ya stop. Buy a ticket chicken.

Staying Green.

Green is the new black. It’s slimming for that carbon footprint.

Stay green babes. There will be recycle bins. Use em.

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