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Site Map

Drumroll.. here is your site map for your weekend! Details on each area can be found below
Top tip... save it to your camera roll! 

LS SITE MAP 2 (2).jpg

Maser Main Stage

We absolutely love home grown artistic talent and are really proud to be collaborating with some of the best for this years Love Sensation. The one and only Maser has created our main stage artwork with his signature vibrancy and heart!


The legendary artivist Will St Leger has sprayed some special queer installation pieces onsite and the fabulous Gabriel Marques will be painting his recent illustrated cover for GCN’s Pride issue live on site across the weekend. We can’t wait for you to take in the sights and sounds of Love Sensation at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.


Joyful Noise Choir

Joyful Noise are an upbeat and lively community music project that empowers young people with disabilities through the experience of learning pop songs and live performance. We at Love Sensation HQ are big fans of theirs and are thrilled that they will  be opening our festival with a fabulous mainstage appearance at 315pm on Saturday. Get in early. You don’t want to miss these guys.



We’ve been working with all the different folks from different companies involved in making Love Sensation happen to ensure that we can have the most sustainable version of the festival possible. We were not able to go plastic free this time around which is our goal going forward for all our gigs, but we are working closely with our friends at Panda recycling who’ve implemented a really robust waste management plan with the goal of  recycling all the plastic onsite. Panda will have information about their processes onsite over the weekend and we’ll have a dedicated team of people monitoring and managing the recycling points across the site.


The Loos

Will be plentiful and unisex!



We can’t wait for you to experience a massive array of talent from across genres, styles and aesthetics, whether it’s Drag extravaganza at the George Tent, banging tunes in the Dance tent, Pop Royalty on our main stage or community brilliance in our Queer Quarter, there’s something at Love Sensation for everyone! 




We have liberated the entry queues from the binary so they won’t be segregated by gender. For safety there will be a search point but we’ll leave it up to each of you to decide which type of security person is more appropriate for you, just approach the person you’d like to go to.

Etiquette for weekend

Be sound, look after yourselves and each other. #WeAreFamily

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